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How to configure vs remote debugging for SharePoint 2010

Written by // Rogério Cruzeiro Categories // How To

  1. First download the x64 bits version of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Remote Debugger from Microsoft website

  2. Install it on the server and run it as Administrator

  3. Make sure the WSP package / DLL in the GAC is up to date

  4. Copy the .pdb file from your build directory to the GAC folder
    Tip #1: use command line copy command
    Tip #2: map the windows assembly folder to a network drive to easily explore the inner folders

  5. Make sure you have and account with the same name in both machines

  6. Back to Visual Studio paste the server name in the qualifier text box (something like DOMAIN\username@SERVERNAME), hit Enter and the process list should popup from the server

  7. Attach to the appropriate IIS process (w3wp.exe) or SharePoint Timer Job process (OWSTIMER.EXE) 

  8. Wait while symbol are loading and after that you should able to debug the solution and hit breaking points.